Friday, November 30, 2007

"Only One" tries to act like "Only One"; Gets ass kicked

3 acquitted in beating of cop at wedding

The family of a groom accused of teaming up with his brother and his cousin to beat up an Orland Park cop at a wedding were celebrating Thursday night after all three men were cleared of the attack.

But after claiming that Andrew, George and Jason Terrell left him in fear of his life during the four-minute-long brawl at Silver Lake Country Club on March 18 2006, it was the professional reputation of 21-year veteran officer Pete Diangi that took a beating at the Bridgeview courthouse, with Judge David Sterba ruling that Diangi's "very aggressive" actions were to blame for the ugly scene that left the Terrells' big day in ruins.

The melee started when Diangi challenged Jason Terrell in a corridor for allegedly supplying underage drinkers at the wedding, leaving Diangi with cuts and bruises and a torn shirt. Diangi, who was working plainclothes security at Andrew Terrell's wedding to Melissa Schultz at the upscale golf club, was "doing his duty," Sterba said.

But by failing to properly identify himself as a police officer or security guard, Diangi was responsible for the ensuing chaos, Sterba said.

While other "Only Ones" may be responsible for a murder due to protecting one of their own.

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. - Eighteen times in two years, Bolingbrook police were called to fellow officer Drew Peterson's home because of trouble between husband and wife. But Peterson's wife could never get authorities to arrest him. In fact, she was the only one ever charged...

Vicki Connolly, Peterson's second wife, has said that during their marriage, an increasingly controlling Peterson hit her and told her he could kill her and make it look like an accident.

Connolly said police sometimes came to the house when the couple were having problems, but she said the officers were friends of theirs and no reports ever were filed.

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