Friday, December 4, 2015

QOTD: San Bernadino

I've made several posts over the years regarding the various government 'reports' sourcing the ADL and SPLC regarding 'right wing extremism', Gadsden flags, prior military, remote controlled plane hobbyists, etc. being the biggest dangers to the nation. 

Mig sums it up distinctly:
While the Left, Gun Control groups and even DHS were watching Gun Owners, the NRA and 2A groups, 3%ters, Christians, Jews, Tea Party, etc, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik were prepping with all confidence and carried an attack on a soft target. And you can also bet your ass they were not the only ones out there.
CA legal firearms, empty on the 'terrorist watch lists',etc. 

But they're contained and only upset about global warming.

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Overload in Colorado said...

Looks like the guns were illegal. At least one modified to exchange magazines easily, as mags (30rd) were found, and CA has the low capacity law and the non-removable magazine law. One reportedly modified to be full auto. Reports are that they were purchased in CA 5 years ago.
The picture I've seen of the ARs seem to have regular mag buttons.

drjim said...

It's not a "non-removable" magazine law as much as it's a "difficult to remove" law.

You need to press a small object, about the size of a 223 bullet, into the center of where the mag release button would be, and press a small, recessed button to drop the mag.

Some people put small magnets on the button so that it protrudes enough to press by itself, but that's illegal since you have defeated the purpose.

As soon as I move out of this screwy state I'm installing a normal mag release button on my AR.

Didn't do much to stop these jihadis, though, did it?

Anonymous said...

Ignore the guns for a moment.
Were the pipe bombs CA-Legal?

Pipe Bombs
These were not good people.

Chas said...

San Bernardino: They won, we lost. That needs to change.

Chas said...

San Bernardino: They had better leadership than we did. That needs to change.

Chas said...

Leadership? Talkin' about you Obango, you feckless pussy boy!~