Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ugly Gun: Norinco SKS

I like SKS's.  They've definitely grown on me over the years.  This one that I was shown yesterday, however, looks like it was made in a cave in Afghanistan. 

First the overview for an initial WTF?:

Now some closeups:

Lovely JB weld holding on the misplaced scope. Eye relief is about 1.5" to far forward. 

The deflector plate held on w/ a sheet metal screw.

 The side mount scope mount set in by cutting the frame:

Not shown but he used some kind of stain or paint on the top of the forward grip to make it 'match'. 

Even though it's just a Norinco, I almost cried.

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Shawn said...

Almost looks like the barrel is drooping.

Bob said...

Locktite is so old school! I'm switching to JB weld for all my thread locking needs!

Squeak said...

Shawn, It is not drooping. it is weeping.

snoopycomputer said...

Maybe he was going for a Mad Max kind of look, but failed at that too?

HeroHog said...

I had a Milled receiver with a screwed in barrel paratrooper model SKS in a stock like that, no scope or deflector, and it was a great gun. With the stock 10 round mag recharged with stripper clips it was quite dependable. For higher capacity, I cut up a factory 10 round fixed round mag and mated it with a modified AK 30 round metal mag making a fixed 30 round stripper charged mag that was dependable as well (This was when HillBilly was in office and the big "assault weapon" scare was cranking up).