Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Elliot Fineman Calls For Fourth Reich

Godwin be damned.  
Americans are in the midst of a gun violence epidemic. The National Emergencies Act gives the president the power and responsibility to declare a state of emergency when the government lacks the procedures and capacity to address an unchecked natural or man-made public health epidemic.
Yep.  Give the president discretion to arrest and imprison firearm owners and other 'undesirables'.  You know, those untermenschen that don't follow the whims of a tyrant.  No more due process, no more warrants.  Just what the anti-gun fanatics want for firearm owners.

then, to make a kangaroo committee to make all these new laws w/o any input from those undesirables.
 exclude members of the gun lobbies, who profit from the epidemic they’ve caused and do everything they can to keep it going.”
Even though NGVAC is a 'D' list group, they're just saying what the rest of them are insinuating.  Remember the whole bit about Ladd Everitt of the CSGV approving of court appointed concentration.

Never let them say they're not trying to take your guns. 

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Braden Lynch said...

Come on already, progressives, Democrats, socialists, communists, greens, and other leftists. Declare war on gun owners and precipitate the ACWII (American Civil War II) and let's see who is left standing.

I tire of being insulted and accused of every horrible crime.

Anonymous said...

Progressive Democrat President Woodrow Wilson had no problem throwing people in jail for protesting or even saying something to oppose our entry into WW1. Talk bad about Conscription? Off to Jail for ten years!

And they passed the The Espionage Act of 1917 and Sedition act of 1918 to allow him to do it.


It took a Republican President Harding to pardon most of the people convicted.

So YES, It can happen here.

Braden Lynch said...

Yes, and we had those of Japanese ancestry forcibly relocated during WWII and the writ of habeas corpus suspended under Lincoln. So clearly, our government is capable of ignoring it's boundaries and that is why we must be armed and ready to repeal tyranny. So, yes, it can happen here.

The difference is average citizens can fight back when armed and willing. That is the dangerous fire that liberals, progressives, and Democrats are playing with right now. Feinstein would regret it personally if she tried confiscation on any level.