Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Staged United To Prevent Gun Ownership

So the Joyce Umbrella Puppet Group SUPGV allegedly set up a 'fake' gun shop in NYC in order to tell 'first time gun buyers' how dangerous guns are by showing them guns allegedly used in crimes.

I highly doubt any of the guns were real nor any of the 'first time gun buyers' especially since a large number of the firearms displayed are illegal in NYC then there's the fact that to transport most of the guns would have been numerous criminal violations as I'm betting that wasn't a real FFL dealer either.

Comments disabled on the Youtube vid of course. Can't have anyone pointing out the lies and fallacies.

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The Jack said...

And nevermind the whole special NYC permit to own a handgun... which means all those "first time buyers" were totally legit.

And even if they were... they had to sign disclosures to allow their images to be shown.

And then they end with "Every gun has a history"... because apparently EVERY one of the hundreds of millions of guns in the US has killed someone.

But hey Deodands and poor statistics are the mark of a superior intellect.

ZerCool said...

Watch the actions as they cycle the guns around the 2:30 mark. Every one is fake. The PX4 has a little spring/rod assembly inside, and the bolt on the shotgun never moves. Airsoft, if that.

Of course, even Airsoft and other replicas are illegal in NYC without a permission slip.

BUT ... given that Bloomberg is the ex-dictator, I'm willing to bet he made some phone calls and made this happen.

greenmeanie said...

A customer has to have a permit before he can even TOUCH a pistol in NY State. I can only imagine how much stricter the city is.

I call BS.