Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chicago vs IGOLD

Thousands of law-abiding firearm owners, countless w/ CCW licenses, descend on the capitol of Illinois to lobby their legislators for better firearm laws.  Not a single violent or disruptive incident recorded. The staff at PCCC and many Capitol police say IGOLD attendees are among the most polite and clean.

Nary a single mention on the news of this, one of the largest political events there during the year.

Over the same time period in Chicago, however, a city which is still trying to make itself entirely a 'gun free zone' w/ bans, the most CCW restrictions etc. , generates this headline:

2 killed, 12 wounded in shootings since Wednesday morning

and the crime ticker on the side is full of more. No CCW's or even FOID card possessors in sight.

Yet people like Ladd Everitt of the CSGV, who vocally opposes much of the BOR, call IGOLD attendees 'traitors' and 'insurrectionists' for daring, DARING to demand legislators listen to the will of the people instead of moguls like Bloomber.

Which side does he support? 

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lucusloc said...

"in the sight" or "in sight"? either way it is a typo. . .