Wednesday, March 18, 2015

IGOLD 2015

After much wrangling to make sure I was able to go, FourthPower Bravo asked if she could attend IGOLD w/ me this year since she's on spring break. When we arrived, we discovered that the PCCC internet was having issues so it was hit or miss to lock on.  Mine was a miss hence the end of the day post instead of live updating.

After opening remarks, ISRA board member Mike Weisman was first up:
We weren't 'quite' at our peak of 8k attendees (more like about 1500-2K although IC estimates 3-4k).  He recognized vets in the audience, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and we stood for the National Anthem sung by Ronnie Lee:
State Rep Brandon Phelps, original sponsor of CCW:
Out of 100k CCW licenses, .001% revoked after a year. Suppressors, legal in 39 states are next on the agenda.

St. Rep. John Anthony:

Supporting like 8 bills.  CCW beginning to preserve 2A.
“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction….” –Ron Reagan

ISRA Exec Dir. Richard Pearson gave the most heartfelt speech of the morning.

Green tip first of many.  Will try another.  Have to stay organized. Battle to the death between them and us.  I know what they want to do, how they think, how unscrupulous. These people are treacherous.  138 gun bills.  Unravel 2A 1 thread at a time. As long as we’re around that will never happen.
Recognition of ISRA lobbyists. 5 including pearson.
Thanks to Otis Mcdonald and his family.
Otis left this world a much better place. 

At this point Mr. Pearson teared up to the point he couldn't continue. Otis McDonald and him were friends and we all miss him. His family remarked on how special he was. 

Valinda Rowe, Illinois Carry:

9th annual IGOLD w/ unified groups.  Common cause among gun owners. We won the battle of ownership w/ Mcdonald.  Won 'bear' w/ mary shepard. Now it’s shall not be infringed. We don’t need legislators defining it.  Rauner let IGOLD reps in the office for the first time. “Welcome to my office”  Checked his FOID card exp date.  Need to deliver a clear and focused message.  Please keep IGOLD for firearm rights.  Capitol Police “We appreciate your group”.  “Gun free zones are killing zones”

 Todd Vandermyde, NRA Lobbyist:

None of the blood in the streets predictions have happened.  They were wrong.  Now they want to ban ‘you’. “Violence restraining order’.  BOP on you to prove you’re not a danger. 
 They don’t know what to do.  Trying to stay relevant. Nothing but paid for Astroturf of Bloomberg.  First time in 12 yrs welcomed in Gov office.

Don Moran, ISRA Pres:

Recognition of Rich pearson
Overview of bills/litigation
Wilson v Cook County, Ezell v Chicago
More nonsense from Chicago range requirements.

The March:

4thPwr B in the throws of youth activism, meeting legislators and lobbying.
 W/ Valinda Rowe and Rhonda Ezell
 State Sen. Righter's office.
 State Sen. Chapin Rose
 In front of the Capitol Building.

Much smaller than even last year.  Most of the fair weather activists have flown leaving the core, which is still 10x the largest anti-gun rallies of max 200.  The daughter really got into the event
 and wants to go back next year.  She talked to politicians, lobbyists, and activists from across the state.

Several other people took photos they will be sending me. I'll add them later.

More pics via GSL

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Unknown said...

Good to see you again Dude! Real good that der Kinder had fun, we'll be needing many more like her in the future.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Thanks for the great same-day coverage!

Unknown said...

Just wish I would have gotten a photo of the bomb sniffing dogs stationed by the governors office. By the time I got back up there, they'd moved.