Sunday, September 14, 2014

Guns & Gaming

Apparently the fates realized I needed a stress relieving weekend and not only provided me some trolls but also a day of shooting and some gaming.  My friend wasn't expected to be able to make it but he decided to hell w/ responsibility, fun was needed.

After eating, some medium range toilet shooting.  This was especially fun since this particular commode caused endless grief w/ seals, corrosion, and leaking:

Yugo M48 Mauser took out the top. 

The SAR-1 took out the base:

Leaving the seat up is bad:

CinC et al on the POS .38spec revolver:

Playin' w/ the Mauser against hedge apples:

The last shots of the day, my buddy shot a whole bunch of hedge apples but missed the one that we placed on top of the toilet seat.  I had one loose AK round that I loaded and fired.  It hit the top of the apple which then spiraled around the seat and fell in the hole. If only we had video running.

We then headed up to the house for several hours of gaming.  Continuing the adventure from a few weeks ago at the Keep on the Borderlands, this time w/ daughter included who plays an Elf Wizard and some coin props for fun:

Using the money found in the ogre's cave, the group headed back to the keep to get some additional gear, specifically some ranged weapons which they desperately lacked.  A few crossbows later, a side-adventure hook popped up taking them south to look for a wayward elf.  After a brief encounter w/ some giant spiders, the group located the remains of said elf and returned them to his associates w/ a small reward.  I linked this to a more expanded plot from another PFRPG 1e campaign I play in and is ran by my friend pictured above. Back to the caves we went, this time going to cave 'A', inhabited by kobolds.  A brief fight w/ the entrance guards was made easier by the wizard casting a 'cloud of slumber', knocking most of them out.  The group hogtied them and tossed them into a pit for safekeeping before moving on. That's where we ended it for the day as the spawn started getting squirrely.

Now I'm just waiting for what's going to go monumentally wrong.

Gratuitous sleeping cat pic:

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