Saturday, September 13, 2014

Facts/Evidence = Troll Bane

Outside of the psycho that sent a message to the ISRA FB page the other day, there was another troll that had been skulking around, mostly just leaving links to anti-gun editorials and the like.  The other day, however, he started asking snarky questions on the notice of the new ISRA webpage.
"Is the new webpage going to contain modern thinking or be a representative of gun manufacturers?"
So I asked:
So how much money does the ISRA get from 'gun manufacturers' Mark W------? Define 'modern thinking' please. Show your evidence.
He ignored that and then asked some random question about the ISRA (which has been around for over 100 years) collapsing if the Exec. Director left.  I asked again:
So no answers to my questions Mark W------? Why not? How much money does the ISRA get from the 'gun manufacturers'? Define 'modern thinking' please. Show your evidence. If you cannot, that will be a defacto admission you cannot and therefor have no argument but ad hominens, red herrings, and character attacks.
He did respond that he was 'just asking questions before he signed up.  Yeah.  OK.
Suuure you are Mark W-------. Please define 'modern thinking'. What exactly are you looking for in the website? Why did you make the assertion the ISRA will represent 'gun manufacturers'? Did the old website do that? Be specific.
Then he blocked me and deleted his comments on that thread.  

 I wasn't even being hostile.  I was asking him to clarify his statements and he not only refused to do so but decided that the only way to respond was to block any and all contact.  How sad is that?

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AuricTech said...

Since I rather doubt that the ISRA Web site will post many screeds railing against "new-fangled" polymer-framed firearms or innovations such as the Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle, I think we can safely conclude that said Web site will reflect "modern thinking."

Heck, I suspect that the only negative response the ISRA would have to practical caseless ammo might be to point out that one can't easily develop handloads that are particularly well-matched to one's specific firearm.... ;-)