Monday, September 1, 2014

The First Role-Playing Game Session

Since it was supposed to deluge today (it ended up not), I decided today was the day to initiate the 4thpowers into the world of gaming.  They actually made up characters last year but various reasons prevented it from actually progressing past scribbles on paper.4thPower Bravo decided she was going to go w/ CinC to her uncles house for a last minute BBQ invite but Alpha and I decided to stay home since I had invited a friend over.

Alpha rolled up an exceptionally short Dwarven Knight wearing plate armor and riding a trained war goat.
Bravo will play an Elven Wizard named 'Magyck'.
To round out the group, my friend rolled up a Gnomish Thief and a Human Cleric (which will be ran as NPC's when he's unable to show)

In a RPG version of kitbashing, I rewrote the old D&D module B2:Keep on the Borderlands for the almost as old Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st Ed. KotB was the game I cut my teeth on decades ago so I found it fitting that my spawn do the same. My buddy had never played it either.

This was a learning experience for Alpha.  Munchkin Hack-n-Slash dungeon crawl all the way just so he can learn how to follow a storyline and get some game mechanics down.  I bumped up his abilities/gear so he wouldn't be taken down the first time he encountered some low level opponent and he could have some fun learning the game.

He played very well in character, knocking out an unarmed opponent instead of outright killing him and then charged into the fray when an alarm was sounded in cave 'D', the goblin lair.  Eventually, 3 goblins were killed, 3 escaped, and the mercenary ogre from the next cave was dispatched by the might of the dwarf and his goat.

W/ the battle ended and more goblins on the way, the group escaped into the ogre's cave to hide and reap the bounty of his hoard which is where we ended it for the day.  The boy had a good time and he hasn't shut up about it since.  As he gets more experienced, I'll introduce more actual role-playing and rule intricacies to keep things lively.

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