Saturday, September 13, 2014

Find the Flaws...

Another PuSH'er on the ISRA FB page. Apparently the fates determined I needed a stress reliever this weekend.  This comment though.... It's impossible not to head desk:
as long as you defend the part of the second amendment that calls for "well regulated " people seem to forget about the first 1/2.

.The NRA and their cronies that keep gun laws loose enough to keep the majority of illegal guns in Chicago from the surr
ounding area's. you profit from the death , the fear and the stupidity of gun owners.

if father pflager is shot by a gang banger it will most likely be from a straw sale in the suburbs in a city where the NRA has lobbied to keep gun laws loose.
So people forget about the part of the amendment they're defending?  Or has he not actually read the BOR.

Loose gun laws in the rest of the state keep criminals from leaving Chicago?  So then strict gun laws lead to higher crime? 

Snuffy will be shot by a gang banger who's gotten a gun from a friend or family member who didn't follow the law to conduct a background check for a private sale after passing a state level one to get a FOID card and a federal one to pass the NICS check?

And he calls gun owners stupid.

I'm sure there will be more.

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