Friday, August 22, 2014

Chicago Celebrates ICHV Day

So amidst a collapsing economy and a failing campaign, IL Gov. Quinn decided to take time out of his schedule to dedicate a 'day' to a 'grassroots' organization funded exclusively by billionaire philanthropists dedicated to stripping people of their civil rights and hurt the IL economy even further.

Quinn supporters and gun control activists in Chicago poured out into the streets for spontaneous celebrations:
 A 52-year-old man was killed and 6 others wounded overnight in Englewood and Lawndale shootings, according to authorities.
 They certainly do like to go around handing awards to eachother, don't they?

H/t to GSL

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Should we all help honor the day by going to Chicago and firing random un-aimed shots into the air after dusk, just like the gangster disciples and other youth organizations of the 2nd city?