Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Illinois' CCW 'Review Board' Efficiency

Chicago-crats demanded and got a kangaroo court 'review board' so they could deny as many CCW licenses as possible to those they deem 'dangerous', like a military vet w/ no criminal/mental background at all.

But now a CCW holder in Chicago has been "charged with home invasion, aggravated discharge of a firearm and residential burglary" which is making the anti's hop up and down yelling 'WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!".

Thing about that though,... he has a violent criminal background but was NOT subject to denial or review. 
In 2012, Whirl pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer, a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to 12 months court supervision which he successfully completed and was ordered to pay a $199 fine.
So was this due to incompetence or intentional?  Did the County PD screw up, allowing a violent criminal a license or did they deliberately allow it in the hopes of trying to get negative publicity for license holders? 

Those are the only two options.

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Sigivald said...

"Resisting a police officer" is pretty weak sauce in terms of "violent criminal background".

They didn't even get him on assaulting an officer, just misdemeanor "resisting"?


Anonymous said...

There is a third option: That he Knew Someone, and/or was Related To Someone, with the subset of the extremely remote possibility that some legal tender may have exchanged hands...

John of the GMA

Rob Crawford said...

I think John has it.