Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Grassroots vs Bloomberg Money in Niles, IL

As what usually happens when gun control doesn't function in an echo chamber of censorship, they get outnumbered and lose.

In this case, Niles, IL was debating a permit for a gun shop in an industrial zone.  Bloomberg supporters have a conniption fit because it would be 'within walking distance' of some schools/parks then try to play some of the standard parlor tricks w/ the debate.  Well the main committee punted it to 'zoning' which held their meeting last night.  PuSH'ers were outnumbered 3-1 at least. 

According to the ISRA, the anti-gun folks used quite a bit of nonsense as well as attempting to smear the owners of the shop in order to spread the usual fear-mongering, going on about kids wandering through the store and range.  They even tried to get Todd Vandermyde, NRA lobbyist thrown out of the meeting.

So tell me again how it's a conspiracy theory that the anti-gun groups will try and get rid of gun shops after mandating 'universal background checks'? 

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