Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chicago Weekend

Obviously the NRA is holding their annual meeting in Chicago:
At least five people were killed and another 11 were wounded in overnight gun violence in Chicago, bringing to more than 50 the number of people shot in the city over the holiday weekend so far, according to police.
And the police are involved as well:
Chicago police shot and killed a 16-year-old boy as he hid under a car in the Gresham neighborhood, one of five people shot by officers in the city over 36 hours, according to authorities.
Now the police are claiming he refused to drop the gun he was holding but a witness claimed he was 'surrendering'.  Which story is true?  I don't know but there is the usual apologetics from the family:
She acknowledged that he’d had trouble with the law but didn’t think he was a “notorious gangster.”
The boy would sometimes accompany his grandmother to church, his family said.
“He was a good young man,” Utendahl said. “He didn’t deserve to be gunned down.”
No, he wasn't.  He was a 16yr old running the streets w/ a gun and already had a criminal record.  He wasn't 'turning himself around' nor was he on his way to church. 

Wonder why certain Chicago neighborhoods have gang/drug/violence problems? This is part of it right here.  It's got nothing to do w/ the NRA, 'Gun Lobby', or lawful firearm owners.

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