Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PSH in Niles, IL

Anti-gunners trot out the '74 school shootings' lie to try and ban gun shops in Niles, IL.

Because we all know that shooters regularly wait the 24/72 hr waiting periods then hike immediately over to a school.  This is nothing but fear mongering and the desire to ban guns anyway they can. I've said for years that they will try to eliminate gun shops through litigation and legislation and been called 'paranoid' and a 'conspiracy theorist' by the likes of Ladd Everitt.

This, and the continued actions by Chicago, just prove my point.

Update: An insanely large amount of ignorant people apparently live in Niles, IL

These people are completely and totally clueless of anything regarding firearms outside of 'guns r' bad mm'kay?"

As for the meeting itself, according to one poster on ISRA FB page, it was another typical rigged panel, telling the pro-gun people the decision would be shifted to July 7th meeting then allowing testimony by anti's after most pro-rights had left. 

See my above commentary.

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drjim said...

Which city had a ban that got struck down some years ago?

I wanna say Skokie, but I don't remember....

The Jack said...

Does Illinois' preemption law cover this?

Thirdpower said...

I'm no lawyer nor do I play one on TV but when it comes to handgun regulations, it very well could.