Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Speaking of Chicago Chief 'Streetlight' McCarthy....

Remember when Garry took credit for the crime drop in Chicago that occurred during the sub-zero 'Polar Vortex' this winter saying it was all his 'crime-fighting strategies'?

Well now, with Chicago more violent than a warzone w/ over 80 people shot and 14 killed last weekend, he's changing his tune.  NOW it's the fault of all those 'lax gun laws' and 'loopholes' :
“Chicago’s police superintendent lashed out at what he called lax state and federal gun laws after a violent Fourth of July weekend that saw 11 deaths in dozens of shooting incidents in a city already known for frequent shootings.”
So how does this work exactly?  He's designed weather dependent 'strategies'?  Have the streetlights been talking to him again?  Or is he and all of the Chicago anti-gun policies complete and utter failures as they listen to fiddle playing by Rahm?

Were these kinds of crime sprees occurring in all of the places that have those 'lax gun laws', there might be some validity to their claims but since crime drops by half immediately outside the city limits, there's something else that's going on.  Perhaps it has something to do w/ the 50% school drop out rates, drugs, poverty, and wandering mobs randomly assaulting people that are more relevant.

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Sigivald said...

I do rather want to know why the identical Federal laws and even laxer other-state laws aren't causing those problems elsewhere.

The only thing different about Chicago is Chicago itself.

And of course, somehow the murders in Chicago aren't evenly distributed, while the laws are...

Robert Fowler said...

Does that 14 killed include the 5 shot by the coppers?