Thursday, June 5, 2014

Some Love From @SJGames

Steve Jackson put out an update on the status of the various sponsored counters.  Here's what he had to say about the Nihon:NAD sheets:
One sheet with support material, sponsored by Roy (Thirdpower) Kubicek. These became available on time and are still available; orders are shipping promptly. In other words, Roy was an example of what we naively thought all sponsors would be.
I was one guy w/ a folding table, laptop and printer and I busted my butt for a month and a half to get the pre-orders and release surge orders out. Ran into one major hurdle w/ the USPS that stopped me for a while but I had them all out in what I thought was a decent amount of time. 

More thanks go to SJ and the crew at SJ Games and all the advice and support I got from gamers and gunnies alike. 

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ACS said...

I saw that last night. It's quite a kudo.

ACS said...

And well earned.

Don said...

I don't understand gaming like I should, but that seems pretty impressive to me. It's always nice when a respected name (I don't play the games, but even I've heard of Steve Jackson) uses you as an example of how things get done.