Wednesday, June 4, 2014

At Least They Admit It

The limit will do little but to symbolize that goal. But that's got to be enough for now.

He's talking about a 1gun/month limit being 'enough' for people. They don't 'need' more.  
Why would a law-abiding citizen need to buy more than a gun a month — or need to own more than a few guns total — to exercise his or her constitutional right to self-protection?
Yet he would be one of the first to squeal like a stuck pig if his column were limited by law to one/month. I could make a pretty strong argument that that would be better for society than his proposals.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't requiring us to all buy one gun a month be a 'good' thing?
Oh wait, my bad the hoplophobes want to restrict us, not encourage us. It ain't about wants or needs, it is about each of us having the freedom to spend our money as we see fit and for what we want, not what someone else decides to 'allow' us to do.