Friday, June 6, 2014

Chicago Headlines

Law enforcement touts Crime Gun Intelligence Center in Chicago 
 The alcove in the Chicago office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been turned into a regional gun crime hub, a place where officials from several agencies said Thursday that they hope to work together more closely to accelerate investigations and link crimes to one another.
 That's nice.

Students hope march will bring peace to Chicago streets 

 Hoping to succeed where legions before have made little impact, some 2,000 high school students from Perspectives Charter Schools, with campuses on the South Side and in the South Loop, took to the streets Thursday to push for an end to the city’s gun violence.
Again, that's nice.  Here's the problem w/ this though... It doesn't actually do anything.  If they want to 'end the violence', they also need to end 'stop snitchin'.  How many of their 'friends' and family members are violent gang bangers?  How many know where the 'community guns' are hidden and who's doing the local drug deals?  And how many marchers were also involved in this:
Chicago's downtown areas in recent years have been plagued with incidents of "wildings," in which groups of teens intimidate pedestrians and, at times, assault and rob them.

McCarthy said there were "five or six" mob-type incidents last weekend.
And those are the 'safe' areas of Chicago.  So all those 'Intelligence Centers' are doing is shifting violence to formerly lower crime areas.

But just to give a completely clear picture on why Chicago is in so much trouble:
Any questions?

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