Monday, May 5, 2014

So Who Was 'Alarmed'?

'Open Carry' event in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Activists patronize a local Jack-in-the-Box, take some photos, then go outside to continue. A swarm of cops show up:
“They locked themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them,” the email stated. “The demonstration had no signage that would have alerted anyone to their real purpose, and to our knowledge they did not attempt to contact anyone in the Fort Worth Police Department to advise us prior to the demonstration.”
Really?  Let's take a look at some of the photos taken:

Yeah, those employees shuffling around behind the counter look terrified, don't they?  Methinks there was an MDA supporter who 'SWAT'ted them by claiming the activists were threatening people.  They have a history of threatening to do so so it wouldn't surprise me in the least.  And MDA continue to lie about what happened even in light of evidence. Note they DON'T show the photos of the smiling, un-alarmed employees. Again, entirely unsurprising.

Just another attempt by Bloomberg's bought and paid for puppets to try and get businesses to ban guns 'for common-sense'.  Of course they had no problems having armed security at the NRA convention weekend before last now did they?

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Rob Crawford said...

If they couldn't lie, they'd have nothing to say.

KingOfDebauchery said...

What's funny, (okay, sad really) is that I've been OC'ing for the better part of a decade now without any issues. Keep in mind that I've done this in the ultra liberal part of the state, (just outside of Seattle).
Why do gun prohibitionists always act like they're the first in the nation to loosen gun laws and have no other states to draw upon?

Anonymous said...

Clown Militia

Angus McThag said...

"Armed racists hold innocent minority restaurant manger hostage."