Saturday, April 26, 2014

@shannonrwatts Is An Internet Bully & Coward UPDATE

When confronted by Dana Loesch, whom Watts slandered and lied about (online of course), Watts runs away while being protected by private security thugs.

 This is Bloomberg's 'grassroots' in action. Paid security, paid 'advocates' and Reasoned Discourse.

UPDATE: 'Everytown' Spokesmouth Erika Soto Lamb states the private security were armed:
And then digs in w/ the usual double-speak and lies:

'Mom's Demand Lovin' testified against Concealed Carry in Illinois.  MAIG has opposed CCW, and pretty much every other self-defense law on the books.  There isn't a firearm out there they don't want to restrict.  But when it comes to THEIR safety, it's perfectly OK to hire armed guards to walk around in public.

Hypocrites and liars.

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Chuck Kuecker said...

My wife and a few friends went with me to the big Million Moms March thing on Mother's Day in Chicago back when Concealed Carry Inc. was active.

The Million Moms had men with open-carried Glocks walking around with yellow Million Moms T-shirts with "SECURITY" on the back.

We were sequestered behind cattle fences along the lakefront. There were Chicago Police between us and the Moms - with their backs to us, the gun lovers. They were there, it turned out, to protect us from the Moms, who periodically would come running at our line swearing horribly.

The Illinois Libertarian party had a clown handing out balloons with the slogan "Mommy, what will you do when 911 doesn't work?" to the Mom's kids. The kids screamed when the Moms popped them.

There were people passing out white roses with a card bearing the name of a woman killed because she couldn't carry a defensive weapon. The Moms took these, smiling, until they read the cards, then many roses were stomped into the grass.

The mainstream evening news covered the MSM event with a passing mention of the nut cases (us) in opposition - but my friend's fiancee, a Mexican native, was interviewed by one of the Spanish networks.

I bought my wife her first pistol as a Mother's Day present that year.

Thirdpower said...

Sorry MikeB, No whoring your site here w/o paying for advertising.