Sunday, September 22, 2013

The UN in The US? Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please

Nitwit Brit writes an article claiming the US is in a 'Civil War' by adding homicides mostly committed by criminals and suicides w/ 'private gun ownership' and says the UN should get involved.(The photo is also miscaptioned).

Let's play a little tactical/strategic wargaming, shall we?  Let's say the UN does start dropping 'peacekeepers' in to end the 'Civil War' and 'maintain order'. Just where are they going to be? 

Cities?  UN troops go into high crime areas of cities like LA or Chicago.  The gangs would have a field day.  APC would have concrete blocks dropped on them from high-rises, sabotage, shootings, mobs, you name it. Eventually the 'peacekeepers' would end up in protected enclaves and 'safe zones', areas that had low 'gun crime' to begin w/.  Gangs would then have all that equipment (real machineguns, FAL's, night-vision and other optics, possible heavy weapons and armor) they stole/looted from the retreating blue helmets.

Suburbs?  Probably the only areas the UN could function.  Lower levels of firearm ownership (legal or illegal), low crime in the first place.

Rural?  Yeah right.   How many hunters, target shooters, etc. would take shots at convoys or patrols as they attempt to move along highways and country roads? Potted blue helmets would replace deer heads on many a wall. One thing that several Europeans have told me is that the size of the US is hard for them to imagine since most of their nations are the size of one or two of our states if that.

So basically just another ignorant anti-gunner thinking he's qualified to make decisions on topics he knows nothing about. 

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Unknown said...

the gangs would just keeps elling druggs killing each other and making money. just like they do with city law enforcement just avoid them by communicating with each other Mr.U.N MRAP isnt any better than the LAPD's suv and they would do the same thing if the U.N followed this guys "plan" he's an out of touch fool who doesnt begin to nderstand the problem and is too busy off in left feild to even try to start to get the picture vilent gang crime is the only source of homicides not falling below half of what it was in the late 80's so such exstream action isnt even vaugely called for. also why would civilian gun owners attach them and not ammerican law enforcement as within this guys plan they just do the same thing at less cost to the american tax payer that being enforceing the beyond their powers and juristiction? I mean it the firearms community would freak the hell out when they showed up but thats part of of why this will never happen also we wouldent attach them.

Phssthpok said...

I, too, thought the photo was miscaptioned. Upon closer inspection though I noticed the (full) colon after the word 'range' indicating that the following text was a spoken quote, though not necessarily from the person pictured.

(and I imagine the 'rural' blue-hlmets would be placed on fence posts lining the roads..)

ISH (Mininerd) said...

::clears throat:: WOLVERINES!

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

waypasthadenough said...

What I've been trying to tell patriots for years: Sending in UN troops would be the best thing our blood domestic enemies could do for us. It'll be a lot easier to get Bubba to kill the furriners than his cousin in the Guard or his neighbor on the local cop force.

Don't understand? Start here: