Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chicago Sun Times Opposes Self Defense

Another hysterical piece from ignorant 'authorized journalists' using ignorance of history and bought and paid for 'research' to try and punish people for defending themselves.

Basically they've got no clue what they're talking about but since it's about 'guns', they instinctively oppose it no matter the facts.

Feel free to cancel your subscription and/or tell them what you think about their bigotry.

Chicago Sun-Times
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Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: (888) 848-4637

One thing you can give the ST though, they tell the truth about Bloomberg's group.

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1 comment:

legaleagle_45 said...

You might advise them that Illinois already is a "stand your ground" state.

The MAIG study is more misleading than you might be aware. The determination of "justified" is based upon FBI UCR statistics. Those, in turn are based upon police reports. In non SYG states, police are much more likely to classify an incident as a criminal homicide and send it up for a determination by the DA. Thus, subsequent determinations by the DA or a jury that it was a justified homicide are not reported by the FBI statistics.