Friday, September 27, 2013

Chicago's Gun Free Zones and One Stupid Police Chief

The Illinois Council Against Gun Ownership put of this cartoon on their FB page (where I'm banned from commenting):

Story Image

And what's that in relation to?  A bunch of gangbangers shooting up a park trying to kill other gangbangers.  Using a gun that's illegal in Chicago. Bet they didn't have FOID's either.  Oh, and they were 'good boys'.

Now Chicago's police chief and Mayor Rhambo thinks that the best way to stop this would be to pass a law w/ a minimum 3 yr sentence for carrying a gun. Since there were already multiple laws these wonderful human beings broke that they could be (but rarely are) convicted on, who could they possibly be targeting w/ a call for such a law?

Oh right, the soon to be hundreds of thousands of CCW holders Illinois will soon have.  Put some in jail for 3 yrs for carrying in a park and it will discourage others from getting one.

Wait?  What? Carrying in the park will be illegal?  Did I forget to mention that?  Even after the CCW law goes into effect, parks will still be 'gun free zones', just like it is now.  Never let crisis go to waste, right Rhambo?

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Anonymous said...

When is Da mayor aldercreatures and Police Chief going to figure it out that those gun free signs just tell thugs their potential victims might be less armed than normal?

Gangbangers are smart enough to try to catch their enemies in unarmed conditions.

drjim said...

They'll never "figure it out" because it doesn't fit their agenda to disarm otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Hence, why worry about it?