Friday, July 12, 2013

Called It. NG(V)AC Reasoned Discourse Kicks In.

As I noted yesterday, Elliot Fineman's NG(V)AC tried to put on their big boy panties but fell down trying to do both legs at the same time

They put up a nasty blog post called 'NRA-Hole of the week', this one focusing on IL State Rep Brandon Phelps who helped author the CCW bill, trying to appeal to the only people who pay attention to gun control when it's not in the news, the mouth foaming fanatics. As they tried stuffing their leg through the hole again, this is how they defended it:
We're not worried about keeping things "Classy" or even being politically correct. You gun-nuts are doing a fine job pleading your own case. Keep it up guys. We appreciate letting the public know exactly HOW mis-informed many people are and your paranoid rhetoric only helps others raise their awareness.
Well, as of about 1pm 7/12, the blog post on their site seems to have been taken down, giving a 404 Page not found error.  Whomever is running the FB page has also played the 'avoid any questions by changing the subject' game and has so far stopped responding when their stale talking points were called out. 

Screencaps below and at GSL who emphasize their delusional statement that 'Chicago has no gun laws'.  

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