Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So Much For The IL Budget; All CCW All The Time

So instead of trying to deal w/ the $100B Illinois Debt, the IL State Senate Democrats are instead going to screw around more w/ Concealed Carry at a piddling $40k/day. 

W/ overwhelming support to override Quinn's Veto, instead they are going to 'caucus' and push the changes forward as separate bills to be voted on.If only they put this much time and effort into, you know, keeping the state from going bankrupt.

Is it any wonder that anyone w/ two or more firing synapses has no trust in the Gov't and considers most politicians to be blithering idiots? Unfortunately it's the ones w/ less than two that keep voting them in.

Updates as I get them.

UPDATE:  Overridden in in both House and Senate.  IL now has a CCW law.

House Veto Overrides Quinn 77-31 
 Senators who originally voted for 183 but then switched to NO on the override:


Senate Exec Committee: After Sen. President Cullerton pushes for separate bills,Noone from the Governors' office bothered to show.
 ISP Sgt. John Thompson claims that most police only carry 9 rnds (in clips) w/ them and that anything more is leading towards being like Tacklebarry from the Police Academy movies. He goes on about supporting the restaurant ban because guns and alcohol don't mix but then is forced to admit that the original bill already makes consumption while carrying illegal.States that carrying at 'private parties' should be prohibited. He also goes under the assumption that people are 'less than honest' w/ the police. Make it all double-illegaller."Carrying a loaded firearm is a danger to police and yourself". Yet he carries one. Bet he's carried into Applebee's before.

Mom's Demand Lovin' is up.  'Before Dec. 14th, I didn't know who my state legislatures were'.  That pretty much tells you the knowledge level of the rest of their spokesperson's talk. She also claims 'likes' on FB as 'members'. Standing ovations at 'pet parades'.  They're brushed off pretty quickly after their speech.

Sen Munoz (anti) rambles on about how even cops shouldn't carry more than one gun and that Chicago has more restaurants than anywhere else in the state so you shouldn't carry there.

Todd Vandermyde, NRA lobbyist is up.Slaps down the ISP for using states that criminalize printing as their examples. "It's absurd for the governor to walk around with a taxpayer funded detail with multiple guns but then try and limit us". 'Carrying while black" profiling is the reason for no 'duty to inform'.
 Senator calls Vandermyde a liar because he stated he wasn't in the negotiations but that the negotiators talked to him. Trying to play 'gotcha; stupid crap.

Senate Floor.  Senate President Cullerton is trying to push though Quinn's changes as a 'Trailer Bill'. Kotowski, who had a meltdown after his mag ban bill died, goes on about CCW holders shooting up police and talks about Quinn's 'leadership'.

HB1453 makes some technical changes to the CCW law.  Passes 45-13. Still has to go through the house.
 "Someone could walk into a school tomorrow, 3x above the legal limit we allow people to drive at ... with a loaded handgun ..."- State Sen. Kwame Raoul. "Wild Wild West" repeated over and over.  Idiots.
 Senator Jacobs suggests to the Governor that he might want to work with the legislature while they're actually in session.

41 yeas. 17 nays   183 Veto Overridden. 

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Robert Fowler said...

Looks like Illinois is covered up with low information voters. They keep electing these gun haters and wonder why crime is through the roof. What a bunch of idiots.

Firehand said...

Thompson's a friggin' liar; they don't carry spare magazines?

Hope someone calls him on that.

Rob Crawford said...

goes on about CCW holders shooting up police

When did that happen? Is my guess of "never" correct?

Anonymous said...

Rob, this video might explain their hestitation.


Motor-T said...

Doesn't ISP issue Glock 17s?
Are they only loading 9 rounds in the 17 round mag and not carrying a reload?

That sounds wholly unbelievable.