Thursday, July 11, 2013

AHOY!! Reasoned Discourse Ahead Me Mateys!!! Update

No idea why the title. Maybe because I just ate Long John Silvers. 

Seems Elliot Fineman of the NGAC has conned some poor shlub into running their FB site and the individual either:

1) Doesn't know that interacting w/ us makes them look like idiots and gives us lots of soundbytes/blogfodder (see below)


2) got tired of us using the site as our own personal pro-gun source visa-vie the old Brady Campaign blog.

Either way, it was fun.  They started out w/ this:
Well that can't be right.  The NGAC has specifically stated 'There's no such thing as a law abiding citizen'.  So I ask them why the policy change.  I also educate them on what the NGAC endorses along w/ 'background checks'. Their response is both odd and typical.
Now the stereotypical character attacks I understand, it's all they really have (no comments about my genitalia however) but the rest of it is just rambling.  My 'conclusions' of the NGAC were formed many moons ago when they first started their incoherent posts. So I did what any good pro-rights blogger would do and posted links w/ screencaps proving every statement I made. You know. Those darn facts. The response? 
Now that's an interesting comment.  Especially since, according to my traffic logs, this person didn't view a single one of the links which showed the truth.  So I asked again about their policy shift.  The response that time was entirely predictable:
So soon I predict we'll see either:

A) Lots of pro-rights comments being deleted/banned


B) Skippy getting tired of having his/her ass handed to them and quietly disappear, leaving their page in our hands again.

Update:  NGAC goes the route of CSGV et al by keeping it class.  Take a look at their new 'series':


Their response to Illinois finally joining the other 49 states in passing Concealed Carry. How can I get on their list?

And it gets even better. Apparently city-folk are part of a 'hive' filled w/ 'wrong' people that need to be controlled.  Think I'm kidding?

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ISH (Mininerd) said...

The problem lies with guns so easily being obtained by the "wrong" people.

Oh, c'mon NGVAC. You can say it, you don't want them colored folk to have guns.

PrintedGunInfo said...

Well, there is some truth to what they're saying.

About 80% of all homicides are gang-related according to the FBI. In addition to that, 75% of all homicides happen in only 3% of the 3,150 or so counties in the US.

So if anything, I think common ground can be found in targeting the top 100 or so most violent counties with more law enforcement and/or CCW holders to bring that total annual homicide figure down to size...

At least they admit that rural America isn't the problem. The tide truly is changing for the better.

Archer said...

Have you mentioned the recently-released CDC report on "gun violence" yet? The one generated in compliance with Obama's post-Newtown executive orders?

The one that, most importantly, refutes the effectiveness of all their proposed "improvements" to federal laws?