Tuesday, January 22, 2013

They Breed Politicians and Criminals (Redundancy Alert) Stupid in Chicago

Ald Willie Cochran (20th) is a former police officer and shows why Chicago crime is so high
 Ald. Willie Cochran (20th), a former police officer, has suggested that global positioning system chips be embedded in new guns, and retrofitted on existing firearms, so they could be located if they go missing.
“Just like if your car gets stolen, OnStar can tell you where your car is. If your gun gets stolen, and you report it, we should be able to find that gun,” he said.
 Yeah, he really is this stupid. Howabout this.  I'll accept that technology when it becomes standard issue on all CPD firearms.

Oh, but he gets even stupider, showing that he positively failed his Early American History class in HS (or maybe he didn't w/ the condition of Chicago Public Schools):
Cochran said, “safety is … a much more important issue than is privacy.”
“It is extremely important that we look past this privacy issue, at this point, and understand how important it is for us to address the issue of safety,” he added.
Yep, give up your freedoms for the promise of illusionary 'safety'.  Ben Franklin is spinning is his grave

And this useless measure would do absolutely nothing to prevent headlines like this:
17 Shot, 2 Killed Over Weekend In Chicago

 It's people like Cochran that are the real danger to our society.

H/T to IL-Gunlobby

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Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Paul Butterfield knew about the dangers of Chicago-style "gun control" decades ago:

♫ I was born in Chicago, in nineteen and forty-one
I was born in Chicago, in nineteen and forty-one
Well my father told me, "Son you had better get a gun" ♫

Old NFO said...

Yep, control... nothing more!

Sigivald said...

I'm not sure what's worse - his ignorance about firearms, or his ignorance about electronics (combined with his desire for mandates).

There's no such thing as a "global positioning chip" in the sense he means.

(Oh, there are "chips" that are GPS receivers, certainly. But they also need an antenna and a battery to get a GPS signal - and don't work real well indoors.

If you want to use them to locate A Thing, they also need a transmitter to put off a signal you can find. (Probably on the cellular network.)

Which is going to be real fun in a firearm.

And won't work if the thief just takes out the battery.

How - even if it would work - it would help "safety" is beyond me.)