Monday, January 21, 2013

Anti Gun Rally Fail Pt II

More details from posts on the ISRA FB page and articles regarding the Glenview meeting

Numerous attempts were made to keep the ISRA/NRA members in the back of the room, leaving the front rows for 'approved' people (ie ones that support gun bans). Sound familiar?   It didn't work real well.

Just to show the contempt that anti-gun activists have for anything that pro-rights people do, when the audience spontaneously began reciting the pledge of allegiance,it was met w/ the panelists remaining in their seats and rolling their eyes.

Lots of statistics were used.  Apparently one claim about crime dropping in IL, they got the speaker to admit that Chicago was left out of the figures.  In response to his numbers being questioned, the speaker (Jenkins) then started calling the audience members Nazi's and claiming that the latest atrocities were committed by NRA members.

Speaker Lee Goodman apparently believes that Concealed Carry is designed to allow license holders to go into homes and shoot babies in cribs.
“It’s about babies,” Goodman read. “Dead babies and babies shot up so bad, they’ll live, but never like they would have. It’s about babies not kissing their moms goodnight anymore, babies not in any more class pictures. … It’s about tiny babies and babies all grown up. … It’s not about someone’s right to bear arms.”
You know, 'babies' like Willis Bates who violently beat Mary Shepard

These people are real winners.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say if the town is giving a platform for people to speak to citizens to someone whom equates FOID owners as Nazi's, they need to reevaluate who they are letting use the area.

That's a borderline hate crime.

Phssthpok said...

"… It’s about tiny babies and babies all grown up. … It’s not about someone’s right to bear arms.”

Tell that to John and Ashley Carpenter.

Phssthpok said...

Huh.. apparently hotlinking doesn't work in the comment box.

Chas said...

After they take our guns, they'll roll their eyes again when we object to being sent to prison camps for "re-education".

Anonymous said...

Think about THIS! Americans slaughter each other at the death rate numbers equal to three 9-11 massacres/year. Alquada and the Taliban laugh at us in amazement! We don't have as much to fear from them as we do from our own gun touting friends, neighbors, family members, disgruntled mass murders, etc. Please for the love of America and hope of Future generations, Help STOP THE SLAUGHTER! The lives we save will be ours!

Thirdpower said...

Yes Mr. Bravely Anonymous, I've heard that anti-gun talking point many times.

If you're fearing your family members, friends and neighbors, you need to either get on some medication or move to a better neighborhood since over 90% of murders are committed by prior criminals and 70% of victims are.

Perhaps you could explain why the homicide rate is 60% of what it was during the height of 'gun control' when semi-auto rifles were LESS common than they are now?

But you likely won't as you are probably just a one hit wonder.