Monday, January 21, 2013

Anti-Gun Rally Fail (For the Anti's at Least)

What should it tell a political advocacy meeting is attended almost exclusively by your opponents?

Well in the mind of an anti-gun advocate, that those people are 'unreasonable' and need to 'compromise'. 

Several Joyce puppet groups gave speeches and regurgitated the usual nonsense about the 'gun industry dying' and 'marketing to criminals'.  Not a new thought in their heads for 20 years.  And of course there's this:
“This is part of the dialogue we need to have,” Walsh insisted. “We need to come up with some sort of compromise.”
 IOW you stupid rednecks need to shut up and give up your guns. There is no 'dialogue'.  Just take a look at the contemptive body language as the anti 'listens':

Story Image

 Think there's any attempt at 'understanding' there?  No. He just wants us to shut up and go away.

Really though. If 'public support' is so strong for 'gun control', WHERE ARE THE SUPPORTERS?!?

The meeting was 10:1+ against more.  WHERE ARE THE SUPPORTERS??

Oh that's right, there are barely any outside of fanatics and professionals (often one and the same).

This is why we need to keep the pressure up.

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Pyrotek85 said...

“We need to come up with some sort of compromise.”

So what new thing are they offering us? Keeping what we already have doesn't count as compromise.

Matthew said...

In large part their fanatics aren't exclusively "anti-gun" fanatics. They're the same Code Pink, anti-Wall Street, anti-"anything not ideologically pure in their mind" fanatics that show up to every Progressive rally.

I've thought it would be entertaining (and informative to all involved) when they have a demonstration to start handing out signs for off-topic and fringe progressive causes and see how many will hijack their own protest. The response of the organizers would be interesting, particularly if there was an internecine ruckus.

Not join in as spoilers, just make the signs available.

The press and the anti's own publicists already have a hard time making their small crowds look meaningful, how much better to either force them to cut their photos to exclude those other signs or include them and turn off Ma and Pa Kettle who are wishy-washy about gun control but certainly don't want to support a bunch of anti-American radicals.