Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gun N!gg3rs

A comment on FB.
 I'm sure you couldn't care less as long as the NRA remains ever powerful in this country. It may have began decent but now it is a loathesome organization. The dedicated, radical members likely don't care if their own kids are victims as long as they have their weapons capable of killing hundreds in under 5 minutes.
 How can you reason or compromise w/ someone that is this unreasonable?  Someone who has this much hate and bigotry in them towards firearm owners and the NRA (or anything they associate w/ the NRA) ?

I mean really. This is a person who honestly believes that hundreds of thousands of their fellow Americans are sitting on their couches, stroking their guns, while letting their little kids play w/ loaded handguns.

  This is the type of person who was convinced that 'Negroes lust after white women' and other silly stereotypes in order to justify their own personal ignorance, hatred and biases. 

Two words.  You can't.  Especially when they're PROUD of it:

Honest and open h.a.t.e.r of guns and loathing for the NRA. organization and any other organization that supports and puts these killing machines out for any brain.dead individual to get his/her hands on. If that makes me a bigot, I am proudly that. Now go t.r.o.l.l someone else.

To them, we're nothing but a bunch of 'Gun N!gg3rs'. 

There was no reasoning w/ that type and there's no reasoning w/ most anti-gun activists.

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Sebastian said...

I think the use of that term is highly detrimental to the public discourse. We'd be better off adopting something else. I get the anger at what these people are doing, but there are more constructive contexts in which we can frame this debate.