Saturday, January 12, 2013

Range Day Saturday (Finally)

Finally got a combination of (semi) decent weather and some time to hit the range today. Took out the RIA 1911 and dropped 100 rounds through it. 

The 1911 is going away. I've had endless problems w/ it since day one.  The sights were (visibly) off so I sent it back to the factory where they replaced it.  It still will not feed correctly, religiously not wanting to load the first two rounds out of any magazine then having regular problems after that.  Doesn't matter which ammo I'm using.  So yeah, it and all my .45 ammo is going on the table at the next show. 

BUT, right before it started raining, the mail showed and these little doohickeys were in the box:

 Headspace gauges for my Mosin.  A quick check (all good) and I grabbed my bag and a box of ammo and ran back down to the range. It made a nice bang w/ less recoil than I expected.

The scope is off.  Low and to the right. Just to make it sure it wasn't me, before I got deluged, I shot off a round using the iron sights.  Dead center on a can of PAM at 25m.

The internal magazine is looser than what I'm used to on the Mausers so that will take me awhile to get used to but overall I'm happy w/ the rifle. I can definitely see the fascination w/ Mosins. 

With luck the valley will not turn into a marsh or completely freeze over and I can get back down there w/ the table and I can zero the Mosin and the 10/22 w/ the scope I just put on it.

 Overall a successful day IMO.

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drjim said...

Is that the only 1911 you have?

I'm a bit biased, as the first pistol I ever shot was my Dad's old GI 1911, and I just love them.

I've put over 10,000 rounds through my Kimber, and never had one hiccup.

Anonymous said...

Dump that RIA and pick up a Ruger. You won't be sorry!