Monday, January 7, 2013

Batteries or Ammo. Christmas Toys Need to be Fed

My Xmas present was a Mosin.  I only had a few rounds of 7.62x54R left in my inventory (for the Dragunov) and I wasn't going to pay the gouge prices being offered at the show so I found a decent deal from SG on some 'White Box' 148 gr. Non-corrosive stuff, making it usable in both of the rifles.

Now I'm just waiting on a headspace check set I picked up from Amazon and then I get to do my Vasily Zaytsev impersonation (although at much shorter distances).

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drjim said...

Yep, SG has some good deals once in a while.

Shawn said...

I have 3 unopened tins of Bulgarian yellowtop heavy ball from 1954. It is my personal favorite load in that caliber and one of the damn hardest to come by.

Come to think of if I only have about 1.5K of the stuff. Need to get some more.

drjim said...

Knowing nothing about this caliber, I have to ask, is that stuff corrosive, Shawn?

Thirdpower said...

'54 BUlgarian? Think 'Alien' for corrosiveness. ;)

dittybopper said...

I would point out that both batteries and ammunition are methods of storing energy for later use.

drjim said...

Thanks 3rdpower.

That's kind of what I suspected from reading.

Crustyrusty said...

Heavy ball is good stuff :-) Eats steel plate for lunch.

You gots a Dragunov? Major jealousy here.

You need to vacate the Volksrepublik most rickety as I did back in 08. The Commonwealth of KY calls... only gun control issues here are what the feds might try.

Johny Gee said...

I'm Jealous. But I'll get over it. Though shall not covet thy neighbors possessions and all that.