Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gun Show News

Just got off the phone w/ the organizer of the gun show I'm going to this weekend (Tuscola Community Center, Tuscola, IL).  He told me that some of the firearm vendors have contacted him reducing the numbers of tables they need.


Because they've sold so much over the last week + that they don't have enough to fill all the tables and haven't been able to restock.

Another guy I got a message from, one who lives down south, said that not a single dealer has anything AR-ish in their shops and that the pickings online are slim (haven't confirmed this).

Like Uncle said, all we can hope for is that every person who has panic-bought has contacted their Congress-critters reminding them what the word 'Vote' means. Should anything get passed, we need to re-enact the '94 election. 

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