Friday, December 28, 2012

CSGV and the Need To Lie

Their case has always been so weak that they need to distort and misinform in order to promote their message. Case in point, two of the latest posts on their FB page

 While a number of people caught on that it was photoshopped, there were a number that still continued to make the usual attacks even after it was noted the sign wasn't real.  One even went on to claim she had 'seen signs just like this' by her.  No photo or link provided of course. 

The next one is your classic 'heart wrenching for the children' bit:
Aw, isn't that cute?  That was probably written by one of Ladd Everitt's interns. And people are stupid enough to believe these are real and not generated by anti-gun fanatics.

Their statement on the publishing of firearm license holders in NY:
 Folks, for the record, we DO NOT support the publishing of these names. New York has a terrific licensing system for handgun owners that involves THOROUGH screening - NOT just an instant computer background check. This law is one reason why the state has one of the lowest gun death rates of the 50 states. Publishing these names of licensed gun owners (and remember, these are NOT people licensed to carry guns in public, just to keep them in their homes) was an unnecessary step that serves no clear public safety goal.
Yet they regularly publish the names of firearm owners in order to intimidate them into silence and have opposed any effort to have firearm license databases sealed from public view.

This is what they do and what they will continue to do to ban and confiscate your guns.  Yes, Virginia, that is their goal.  There have always been more of us than them and we need to make our legislators realize that before and during the next sessions to make sure none of this nonsense passes.

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Braden Lynch said...

The proper way to read the letter to Santa to "disappear" all the firearms is that gun control is a childish idea fueled by magical thinking.

So, will that darling little child like to see mom raped and killed because dad could not stop the SOB with his bare hands and the police are minutes away and only showing up with batons while the rapist has a sword?