Monday, November 5, 2012

CSGV's Continuing Influence

Well Ladd Everitt put up another one of those 'Insurrectionist' hit pieces trying to associate blogger names and Google results.  Being one of his favorite 'Traitors', I got included.  The results?

12 hours. Over 500 comments on the Huffpo page. 5 pageviews from 4 different places.

I am underwhelmed.

So basically the majority of people commenting in support of the article are just going off the surface propaganda and distortions Ladd puts out but don't do any in-depth research.  Typical of gun control advocates.  Not that that's a worry because that's the amount of effort they'll put into their activism as well.

It doesn't come as much as a surprise though. The CSGV has never had much in the way of actual activity by their alleged supporters.

I will say it's fun watching them slowly go into mental breakdown. 


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John Richardson said...

You beat me. I only count 1 out of the last 100 visitors as coming from HuffPo.

Braden Lynch said...

Just to get it straight, let's compare his views with reality.

Someone who understands and respects the U.S. Constitution, including the Second Amendment = Patriot

Someone who advocates bypassing the Constitution, misinterprets it, and refuses to use the amendment process to adjust it = Traitor