Monday, November 5, 2012


So we've seen the effects of the hurricane on NY and NJ.

One would think that being prepared for an event like this would be a good idea.  Having extra food, fuel, supplies, etc on hand just in case. However, doing so is a suspicious activity according to the FBI/DHS and one can be labeled a 'Terrorist Hot Spot'. Then they can try and strip you of your Constitutional rights (although recognizing the COTUS is yet another indicator of terrorist activity).

If you DON'T prepare you are either, as a commentor on TBFKASIH eloquently put it, "crying to your masters for scraps to live on" or (through desperation or natural inclination) looting neighborhood homes and businesses.

So in a disaster situation, the Gov't is trying to force you to either be a refugee, a criminal or a terrorist.

What a choice.

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Erin Palette said...

I keep seeing this "TBFKASIH" but I have no idea what the acronym means. Explain please?

Thirdpower said...

The Blog(ger) Formerly Known As Snowflakes In Hell.

A running joke between Sebastian and I.

Erin Palette said...

Ah, okay. Now it all makes sense!