Friday, November 9, 2012

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

What would happen to you if you'ld robbed a store of several thousand dollars? Well, Jesse (I have a FOID) Jackson Jr. will likely get a 'plea deal'.
 WASHINGTON (ABC NEWS) -- Attorneys for the Justice Department and Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. are in talks about a possible deal regarding allegations of campaign finance violations, according to sources familiar with the investigation. Negotiations have been under way for some time.
 Well we know what will happen.  Since he's part of O's Chicago Machine, NOTHING will happen to him.  Nor will the ISP revoke his FOID card.

The whole nation is turning into Chicago.

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1 comment:

Billll said...

Update: It now appears he'll be pleading to somewhat reduced charges but will resign his office, and likely do some jail time.

This will probably help his career. No one of his ilk can really get anywhere without some jail time.

Maybe he can get a cell next to Rod B and we can have them both as guests of the State of Colorado.