Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's 1979

Another 'Gun Owner Butt', F&F Apologist, and multiple degree holder says this is why he hates the NRA:
Used to be the NRA focus was on us hunters... "Now it's not one inch further on machine guns..." really hard for me to get behind it.

and lastly, a ban on teflon hand-gun ammo specifically designed to defeat kevelar that has no defensible place on the open market is not "the guvment is coming to take my guns".

So he hates the NRA because of 25-30 year old media reports that have no basis in reality.  Asking him to provide evidence just brought up more claims:
some of the stances they take make it much easier for criminals to make machine guns out of semi-automatic rifles...
Maybe I should take Miguel's advice but it's so much fun to poke them w/ sticks.

Update: Oh god, the stupid, it hurts.:
 protecting the sales of upper receivers, and lower receivers as legal because the fit within the law, even though once you mate them, which is easy, you get a gun that IS illegal to possess... criminals, and even some "law abiding" citizens either don't care or don't agree-- leading them to routinely mate these receivers. and turning any semi-auto to full auto is not that hard... in the case of the rifles under discussion it is quite easy.
He knows just enough buzz phrases to make himself sound really smart to people who know little to nothing about the issue and an absolute ass to anyone who has a clue.

Now he's allegedly run away since he's being asked to defend his increasingly nonsensical claims.  Did you know according to historians and educators, you CANNOT use any new or current information unless it's been published in an 'official' gov't report?  It's true. It's part of the 'historical method' taught in all MA and most BA programs.

Like I said. The stupid. It hurts.

Update:  He's now resorted to playing 'top of the post ,spamming the comments w/ editorials and ignoring all his previous comments. SOP for an under-bridge dweller.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, typical 'hunter' (Old fogey) reaction... sigh... Poke em again for me!

Chase said...

By the Gods, not this again.

"Teflon hand-gun ammo specifically designed to defeat kevelar [sic]" has never existed.

KTW bullets, named after the initials of their inventors, were made not of Teflon, but of solid brass. They were coated with Teflon, but this had no effect on their armor-piercing quality. It was there to reduce wear on the gun barrel, since brass is much harder than copper or lead.

They were designed to defeat, not Kevlar body armor, but car windshields, for the police. They were never sold to anyone except police departments, and never occupied any place on the open market.

The greatest cause of human misery is ignorance.

Roger said...

Damn! If I could get ahold of them easy instructions to make semi auto rifles into deadly machine guns, I could make an assload of money selling them machine guns to the Mexican dopers. I would probably get a bonus for each one sold from the shitbirds in the DOJ.