Thursday, June 28, 2012

Evening Snack

I've been trying to eat healthier.  Trying. So instead of my evening TV snack of a stack of cookies or a bowl of chips, this is what I'm doing:

 Some sliced, garden fresh carrots and cucumbers, bread & butter stacker pickle slices, a slice or two of pepperjack cheese and a little bacon ranch dressing w/ a glass of ice tea.

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kaveman said...

I might have to send you a few food catalogs if I can find them.

Old NFO said...

If it works, it's NOT wrong! :-)

Chris said...

You left out the summer sausage.

Old Jarhead said...

What!! No PEPPERS? I have never met a pepper I didn't like.

Chase said...

I LOVE pepperjack cheese. And pickles. And cucumbers. And carrots are okay too. Good work! :-)

Critter said...

ah, fesh garden veggies, one of my favorite reasons for living in the country. :)