Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Role Model Meme's and TSA 'Humor'

Which fictional characters would you prefer your kids emulate? Yes, they are ALL fictional. The top ones are characters created to sell crappy movies and music.

And w/ the high levels of competence shown by the TSA, this will soon be mandatory reading in grade-schools.

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1 comment:

molonlabe said...

Ah, good 'ol Capt. James T. It wasn't until I was a little older and honed my ear for porn music that I realized those quick pit stops on the other planets weren't humanitarian visits.....Kirk was gittin' him some alien strange!! That's when he became MY hero.....

But for kids, I'd have to say Macgyver. Not only because I don't recognize half of the other ones in the picture, but problem solving with logic and a swiss army knife is an underrated ability lost upon most of the current generation who thinks the way to achieve your goal is to pitch a tent in the middle of a city and cry because someone else has more than what you have.