Friday, June 15, 2012

That Victim Mentality

We've regularly seen Joan Peterson and Jason Kilgore claim to be 'victims of gun crime' (even though they weren't) and use that as justification to be anti-gun.

Well yesterday's play toy decided to double down and play the victim card:
 Since I lost a loved one due to gun lovers I believe I will. The maority of homicides are caused by guns. They kill more people than all other weapons combined. They cause heartache and grief. . .and all we're talking about here is killing, we haven't even touched on wounding/maiming and intimidation. But by all means, keep tryig to intimidate me - -you have no gun in my face so I can exercise my right to speak freely.
 Not only the 'victim card' but moving the goal-posts from her original claim of 'gun crime was increasing and the claims that we're trying to 'intimidate'.  It continues.
I just cut and pasted what the National Institute of Justice has on their web site.
 And when I pointed out that she didn't do that, she got offended.
Guns are mad to kill or maim. Other than target practice to get better at killing, they serve no other purpose. If my stats were not to your liking, they were simply what I had read and passed on and did not deserve what several of you decided to do about it - telling me I am dishonest, playing a victim, ignorant etc. Those are attacks. Don't like my words too bad. Now shoo - go away.
 you are suspiciously sounding like a bully. I have changed nothing. I offered up what I read and said I'd be attacked for it and I have been. 
So whenever you don't like someone oe what they say (evidently me at this point) you attack - - no wonder you need guns. 
Now I am tired of your attacks. You cling to your precious weapons made only for killing. Buh bye 
I have experienced you people who use your guns. It means more to me than your propaganda. Why are NRA and gun lovers words more important than anyone else's? 
buh bye - you woudn't know honesty if it jumped up and took your gun away. 
And if I don't abide by your command - what'll ya do - shoot me? 
Okay - now go away.
 I see - or could it be that a lone voice on a thread is easier, especially when so MANY band together to "shoot" down any beliefs she has that differ from the gang.

When their status as a 'victim' doesn't work, they then start claiming you're a 'bully' and trying to 'intimidate'. This is little different than the rape terminology the sycophant 'Kelli' used to use on the old Brady Campaign blog when her 'special insight' was questioned.  And when it is overwhelmingly shown that she's been caught in several fabrications and the attempts to threaten us don't work, she demands we 'go away'.  Why? Because in her world, she has a 'right' to comment on an open forum w/ opposition whereas we do not.

Because she is a 'victim' and that is her defining characteristic.

UpDate:  And we have the 'small penis' comment:
 The "gun culture" in the U.S. shows that too many men are infantile jerks, holding onto their guns, including ridiculous automatic weapons, to prop up their less than adequate manhood. It is a culture of cowards. (former NRA member)
They're so predictable.

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Robert Fowler said...

Who is this liberal idiot pisswit? Is it crazy Joan?

Braden Lynch said...

Zero recognition of the value of firearms in preventing/stopping crime and evil aggression. Do the police show up with lollipops to stop a criminal? Do soldiers blow kisses to their enemies?

Someone who focuses their blame on an object and will not acknowledge the benefits of it, is the one who is warped. By this logic then cars must be banned because of DUIs and accidents,and bathtubs because of drownings, and so on.

Many objects have been misused to kill people, including firearms. The list would be infinite. She should note that firearms have also decided wars, been used by citizens or the police to stop crimes and animal threats. Their utility is obvious.

I give my thanks to God that my 12 gauge shotgun will likely end any threat to the innocent lives in my home. Firearms need to be capable, or they are useless.

Damaged people like this person will not be convinced by facts or logic due to proximity of their pain. They just learned the wrong lesson from a tragedy.

Finally, I don't agree with the notable tone that she is somehow morally superior. It is not good to try to deprive others of their inherent right for self-defense.

Chase said...

The thing that really, really aggravates me about the "compensating for a small penis" thing (in ALL of its manifestations, beginning with that moron Freud) is that it equates penises (including mine) with weapons. My penis is a thing for creating life and expressing love and delivering pleasure. (And also for urination, which allows me to enjoy tasty beverages like water and coffee.) It is not used to hurt or kill people, and the very idea sickens me.

Sigivald said...

Man, I wish I had automatic weapons.

Too bad they're so damned expensive and the paperwork is such a hassle.