Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And Still No 'Insurrectionist Timeline' Entry

Joy Behar, host on ABC's 'The View': advocated felony destruction of property against a sitting former state governor and US Presidential candidate. This will not be reported by the CSGV as 'insurrectionism' because the victim of these actions would be Republican (INO) Mitt Romney:
“I’d like to see his house burn, one of his millions of houses burning down,” said Behar, a co-host on ABC’s “The View” daytime talk show, in an interview with the website Mediaite.
And throw in some 'progressive' religious discrimination as well, just like BC/MMM spokes-bigot Andrew Goddard.
“Who's he going to call, the Mormon fire patrol?”
Had this been a 'conservative' talk show host like Beck or Limbaugh making similar comments about Obama or Muslims, we know what the response would be. An instant entry, dozens of tweets and FB entries.

Aren't double standards fun?

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1 comment:

Bob said...

Romney isn't the sitting state governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick is. Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts.