Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fortress America

This game was second on my table only to Axis and Allies back in the 80's and has been out of print for years.  Think A&A meets Red Dawn for an idea of what it was about. It had hover tanks, American guerrilla's, laser towers etc. just to add to the adolescent board game geek-fest.

Well a company called 'Fantasy Flight Games' has re-released it just last week.

It looks like they've modernized the pieces but overall looks pretty close to the original play wise.

Yeah, the inner-geek in me ordered a copy.

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Merlin said...

Isn't that the one that MLRS launchers as hovercraft-type vehicles?

I LOVED that game back in high school.

Anonymous said...

That was on my wish list back then . . . but I've kinda blown my game budget for the year.