Monday, June 11, 2012

But Not In Chicago

While Sebastian TBFKASIH has a post up remarking on the FBI reporting crime continues to drop nationwide, Chicago's homicide rate is up 51%. Yes. That's right. 51%. 203 through May 27th. 

All the while they're spending millions defending their gun bans, keeping non-criminals disarmed and sending politicians to Springfield to blame everyone else for their problems.

An effective plan to be sure.

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Braden Lynch said...

Apparently, Chicago is one of those places where there are "rivers of blood" (which are usually predicted by the anti-gun fanatics due to the passage of permissive gun laws like Concealed Carry, Open carry, Stand Your Ground, and Castle Doctrine).

Funny how the real bloodshed seems to be in Chicago and Washington D.C. where the gun laws are the strictest.

It's kind of like when they open their mouths they are lying or something. Credibility check=fail.

TS said...

Aren't they just going to blame it on the McDonald decision?