Saturday, March 24, 2012


Working last night at the mall, I had several people come up and ask me if I was a 'Prepper', a person who gets prepared for the worst. Not in a 'Are you a crazy bomb throwing anarchist' kind of way, but in a 'Where can I get more information' way. Many of them have seen the show 'Doomsday Preppers' on Nat'l Geographic.

How far we've come.

'Preppers' used to be called 'Survivalists' and created images of bearded nutcases living off the grid in the mountains with hundreds of guns and ranting about UN black helicopters. You've still got those w/o a doubt but now lots of people, urban and rural, are realizing that if the electricity goes out for more than a few days, they might really be in trouble, realizing that going to the stadium expecting the gov't to come help may not be the best solution.

Not all of them are going to continue, it is likely just a fad. But for every one that DOES 'prep', even to handle just a few weeks/months, is one less UN-prepared person that will expect me to share what I have (and leaving disappointed).

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Groundhog said...

He.. HAAAAYYYY! There's nothing wrong with "bearded..."! ;)

HerrBGone said...

Just because I haz a beard and used to live in a trailer in the woods with my Mum!

(Actually, my elderly Mum lives with me now having decided that city buses + hip replacement don't mix if you can possibly avoid it...)

Shawn said...

I have watched a couple episodes but I stopped after I got fed up with it basiclaly turning into an hour long commercial. Telling you you're going to die if you don't buy their products.

The basic premise is if you do not buy one of their shelters you ARE going to die. It seems more about them building things that we cannot afford than giving decent advice. While it is there it's nothing I haven't already heard or know. And some of the clients do seem insane.

And I'm sorry that by your logic if SHTF I WILL die because I didn't spend $800,000 on one of your products.

drjim said...

I watched an episode, too, and like Shawn said, too many ads, and I didn't care for the attitude.
They're about one notch below "These prepper people are crazy", and I get the feeling that even though they appear to be treating the example families with respect, they're laughing like crazy back in the studio.
I was in broadcasting for years, and *maybe* 10% of the people in the field are what we'd call normal.
The rest are left-wing moonbats....