Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another 'Chicago' Weekend

While 'Da Mayors' have spent millions on lawyers and legal fees to keep their gun laws as restrictive as possible, for the gang-bangers and other violent criminals it's business as usual:
Five people were killed and at least 12 other people wounded in shootings Saturday night and Sunday morning across the city...
The evening attacks come following the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old girl and the wounding of four other people in Chicago within an hour Saturday afternoon, and 16 shootings, including the slaying of a 42-year-old man, overnight Friday and early Saturday morning.
So the 'reasonable, common-sense' solution is to make the rest of the state's firearm owners pay for the city's incompetence in controlling its criminals.

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drjim said...

I think the though of citizens routinely hitting targets at 600 yards that their own soldiers can barely hit at 300 gives them some pause....

Greg Tag said...

Sadly , the Brady Bunch and their ilk do not truly care about crime prevention; the anti-gun folks merely want the agents of the state ( ie police) and the privileged few- those who can get a pistol permit or can afford bodyguards to have a monopoly on effective deady force.

This is apparent when a Brady figure decries a young mother's lawful use of firearms for self-defense in shooting her knife-wielding home invading assailant as " more senseless gun violence." Notice that Brady has no comment when other, unarmed, victims are raped and murdered by savages.

They simply want folks unarmed - if it leads to them being robbed, raped, murdered ... well, thats tough. You and I are not important enough to be allowed to protect ourselves. Mayor Emmanuel has an armed bodyguard, but then on the other hand, he is important. You and your loved ones
are not.

Washington DC Deputy Mayor Paul Quander summed it up in a press conference about 4 weeks ago (the press conference video is available online ). He was asked by a resident why law-abiding Washington residents shouldn't be allowed to carry a pistol for self-defense.

His reply ?

After a few moment's thought, he responded that armed citizens would merely " escalate the violence", and on top of that, might accidentally shoot innocent bystanders. Surrender was much better than being armed and fighting back. Mr. Quander recommended that victims should simply give an attacker whatever they want, in the hopes they will be spared injury, but even if they are threatened with being injured, do not fight back-submit, give in and probably you will survive. Fighting back just escalates the violence.

My Jewish cousins were probably counselled the same thing on the way to the gas chambers - " dont fight back,it only escalates the violence".

The bottom line is that crooks and thugs and murderers and folks who have absolutely rejected the social contract dont make the Brady Bunch near as uncomfortable as armed citizens fighting back- it might " escalate the violence".



Anonymous said...

An infamous CPD blog is shocked the Tribune published that a shooting was actually...... gang related!

You might want to grab a screen capture before the morning editors get in an quash the details.,0,4690865.story

No details on if the gang bangers FOID cards or Chicago handgun registrations were up to date...... and don't hold your breath on that .