Monday, March 19, 2012

'Gang Related'

Feel like crap but I had to post this.

One of the people killed this weekend in Chicago was a 6yr old girl named Aliyah Shell. Here's the info on her alleged murderers:
Juan Barraza, 18, and a 16-year-old boy charged as an adult who police would not name, have been charged with murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm in the slaying of Aliyah Shell. Both teens are said to be affiliated with the Latin Kings street gang, police said.
So I'm guessing these were both 'good boys' and 'honor students' just going out to get some milk for their invalid grandmothers. But let's take a look at the victims family:
Police described members of the family as gang affiliated. Police are investigating whether the suspects were gunning for members of a rival gang, the Two-Sixers.
So the family put the little girl in harms way. The cycle will continue:
As relatives and friends passed through the Springfield Avenue home, they walked past a lone pink stuffed bunny on the steps to the home. The Two Six gang uses a bunny with a bent ear as its symbol.

Aliyah’s memorial pink bunny had one ear flopped down.
But remember, according to Father "Snuffy" Phleger and Mayor Rahm Emanual, this is all YOUR fault for wanting to own guns. YOU should be held accountable because the criminals in Chicago, the city w/ the 2nd highest gang population in the country, don't care about the lives of their own children. They think that passing laws punishing YOU will stop violent gang banging thugs from shooting anyone that gets in their way.

Does that make any sense whatsoever?

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Anonymous said...

Sir, I thought long and hard before commenting on this article. First a parent's primary responsibiity is to nurture and protect their offspring. As we, in our various organizations band together (unorganized militias, 3 percenters, etc) so do big city gangs.Since we canot depend on LEO agencies to protect ouselvs and our loved ones It becomes necessary, eventually, to take on the protection chores ourselves.My personal belief is that punishment for activities such as this article describes should be immediate and permanent.When that becomes the norm then such activities will cease.I grieve for the loss of a small child, and I grieve for the loss of a society that allows these kinds of incidents o go on. Bad guys do this kind of thing because they can, and our society(read us) must prove that they cannot! respectfully submitted

Sendarius said...

Sorry; I think there is a major misunderstanding here.

"Snuffy" does NOT want to stop violent gang banging thugs - he relies on them (indirectly) for his living.

If the violence ended tomorrow, he would have no blood in which to dance. The "man" is a parasite, plain and simple.