Monday, November 21, 2011

Temperance Unions, Buggy Whips and Gun Control

For decades, Temperance unions had a grip on American politics leading to numerous 'dry states' and eventually the 18th Amendment in 1919.

Where are they today? Most of them disappeared as the entire idea of prohibition was shown to be a failure and an enabler of criminal activity. As a political movement, it's long dead, it's adherents moved on to other things.

As a business franchise, selling buggy whips was stable for generations up until the popularity of the automobile. Oh sure, some people are still making and selling them but it's only a tiny subset of tack gear. Not something many would expect to make a substantial living at.

The same goes for gun control as a political endeavor and business opportunity. The CSGV tweeted a photo of "young leaders of the gun violence prevention movement". If they're there for an internship and experience, the only thing they're going to get is experience watching how an advocacy organization closes shop as their major players jump ship and the remaining staff figure out ways to keep the lights on. If they're there because they want to 'do something' about 'gun violence', the type of company they're keeping is mostly ignorant lunatics and frothing at the mouth fanatics as their public support continues to dwindle.

If they were smart, they'ld move on to greener fields. Of course if they were smart, they wouldn't be gun control advocates in the first place.

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Weer'd Beard said...

I suspect its an unpaid internship. Back in my intern days, since I wasn't a silver-spoon I took an internship that paid.

Paid very little (tho if you factor the shitty bunk they footed the bill for, it wasn't that bad) but I wasn't about to dip into my meager savings so I could WORK.

Also I'll add that my internship gave me some VERY valuable skills, as well as some great stories and life lessons.

What do you lean from the modern-day Klan?

Sigivald said...

As a political movement, it's long dead, it's adherents moved on to other things.

Naw, it's just more subtle now - see MADD.

The same sort of people still want to stop anyone from having fun - but now it's "public safety", not "saving souls/character".

Chockblock said...

The problem is that the media can't control the narrative. Remember "cop killer" bullets? "Assault Weapons"? Took a speech course in college where this sweet young thing claimed that Alburquerque NM had 500 murders in 1993 (!). Yeah, my friends and I knew she was full of it but most of the class believed her (this being 1995).

Flash forward to 2011. Google, Wikipedia, blogs. The information is out there. Try as they might, the anti's are confronted with the truth. No matter what they say the facts slap them in the face.

Keep up the good work and hopefully the gun grabbers will join temperance societies in the history books.